Dyed Flower Products

Some of the bright and ostentatious colors you may not be a natural color for the flower. The color blue does not come naturally on many flowers, so when you see a blue rose it has been dyed. There are now many popular products on the market today that include roses, crazy daisies, lilies, and many more.

We are scratching the surface of this new trend, and have made some headway. Currently, we try to keep the main colors such as lime, orange, pink, yellow, and blue on hand. By mixing two or more different colors in the water we can make even more colors, so we are not limiting ourselves to the basics.

This dye is not an ordinary food coloring, it comes in a powder state that one must be very careful with. We do not sell the powder to our customers, but use it only on the flowers we intend to dye. Typically if someone wants something specific dyed we need 48 hours to ensure it has been dyed properly. We cannot guarantee having pre-dyed products on hand, and when we do they sell pretty fast.

So far, we have found that gerbera daisies are better off not stem dyed.


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